At LiveShoot, we believe you should have total control over your video creatives – even if you don’t produce them in-house. And that the best way to get highly effective marketing and advertising videos is to combine your brand knowledge with video production capabilities and video marketing expertise.

Now, with our expert video production team, marketing expertise, and streamlined, collaborative process, nearly any brand can afford high-performing marketing and advertising videos regularly. Our mission is to perfect this process and work with in-house marketing and growth teams worldwide to deliver on-brand, on-budget, and the most effective video creatives across all social and digital platforms.


Our Story

We’re a team of creative geeks based in Los Angeles. Our core team brings a strong background in video production, marketing, advertising, and media. Over the last 15 years, we’ve successfully built and scaled in-house video production teams and capabilities for large companies and agencies.

We soon realized that there was increasing market demand for high-quality, high-quantity, and highly effective videos, requiring an entire production team and resources to produce. Unfortunately, building in-house team comes with a high cost of entry, making it out of reach for all but the biggest brands and agencies. We wanted to bring the same level of capabilities, skills, expertise, and resources to the wider market – without the complexity, huge upfront investment, and overhead costs.

So, we founded LiveShoot in 2018 to make it easier for in-house marketing and growth teams to get the on-brand, impactful videos they need to grow successfully.


We spent two years developing the technology, processes, and our unique platform that builds creative collaboration into the process. After working with several brand partners throughout 2020 and generating great feedback and results, we officially launched LiveShoot to the market in early 2021.

Our vision is to become the essential creative partner for brands that want to grow and succeed. We want to be known for our collaborative processes, highly impactful video marketing and advertising campaigns, and leadership in video production by constantly innovating creatively and technologically.


There’s so much more coming, so make sure you come along for the ride!