This Form Is To Audit Your Marketing Creatives, Give Feedback, and Suggest Ways to Improve Them.

Our custom audit is time-consuming; therefore, The spaces are limited.


Is this review free?

Yes, there is no cost or commitment for you to request us to audit.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch. Some of the best relationships we have, started when we brought upfront value. If we do end up working together, great; if not, we know we helped someone out.

What are you reviewing?

Most of our review is on your creative strategy and execution and missed opportunities that can help increase your marketing efforts.

Do you need special access?

No, we review your paid and owned media that is active and public. If you want us to go deeper than that, please let us know.

How do you decide which companies to review?

It takes time for us to audit and give our feedback, so we want to maximize our impact and review for companies with the resources and budget to take action and improve their marketing. If you’re not there yet, please don’t apply.

What if we don’t use any videos?

We look at your overall creatives and suggest ways you can convert some of your static ads to video.

What if we want to skip the audit and instead talk about what we need.

Not a problem. Fill out THIS FORM instead.