10x Your Expo ROI

Reap the Benefits of showcasing at an expo months after it’s ended.


After an expo is over it usually means
the end of a major marketing event, right?


When the competition packs up their booth and goes home,
your marketing goes – next level.

Turn on a powerful online video marketing campaign accelerating
lead generation, client and prospect education, and brand awareness.

We’ve developed a new way to produce high-quality and highly effective video content at Expos, without interfering with ongoing sales and networking functions.

Expos are the perfect place to film on-brand, on-message videos because they’re rife with resources. Your best products and services are perfectly displayed, and top company representatives and leading sales associates are already there, ready to represent your company. And your elaborate and on-brand expo booth doubles as the ideal production setting.

Most of the elements to produce your videos are already in place, reducing the cost of overall production to nearly nothing.


More importantly, as soon as the expo is over, marketing operations continue online.

Our clients stay ahead of the competition, fueling their marketing machine for months after the show has ended.

Video Solution for your specific needs.

Reach new clients who didn’t make it to the expo, re-target clients on the fence, streamline and scale your sales process, and much more.

Lead Generation


Marketing videos with a clear call to action or a form at the end to collect the lead’s information for the sales representative to follow up.

Expo Hype


Quick turnaround promo videos can be posted on social media during the expo to encourage more visitors to stop by your booth.

Social Media

Campaign Videos

Short video content created to launch regularly on social media channels to increase visibility and reach new prospects.

Product Promo


An excellent way to introduce a new product or service highlighting its key features and benefits. Illustrating your new technology and design to differentiate from the competition.



In a dynamic setting, not every visitor gets the best sales presentation or information to make a buying decision. With sales videos, you can fill in the information gaps and persuade hesitant prospects.



Instead of wasting time explaining the same details over and over, our informational videos do the work for you, answering the common questions to free up associates to close sales.

Product Demo


Clients can see your product in action and learn everything they need to know about how it will benefit them.



Videos that include executive interviews, share major company’s news, roadmap, parnership announcments to raise awareness of a company’s brand as a whole.

Let’s dusicuss how … if you are exibiting one of the upcoming events?  contact us for demos

Upcoming events

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Complete Creative Solution

LiveShoot is a full-scale video creative agency specializing in marketing and advertising videos. Our all-inclusive solution includes an entire creative team, talent casting, sets, and everything else required to produce your video campaigns.

Location Independent

With remote collaboration built into every step of the process, you can enjoy creative control and transparency from the comfort of your office (or home). We’re as close as it gets to in-house, without taking up an office space.

Optimized For Performance

What good are advertising videos if they don’t perform? With our data-driven approach, we produce multiple concepts for each campaign and multiple variations for each concept. By monitoring the engagement metrics, we know how to reiterate to increase the performance.

Dedicated Producer

Your creative producer will be the bridge between your team and LiveShoot’s team to help turn your strategies into successful video campaigns. Making sure all your videos are on-brand and on-strategy, and all projects are completed on-time.

Project & Asset Management

Easily keep an eye on multiple ongoing projects via our platform, and access past projects if you need to check notes or download final deliverables. Soon, you’ll also be able to preview all the video assets from past shoots right on our platform.

Fast Turnaround

Our streamlined process helps to reduce turnaround time dramatically. We continuously find ways to improve the process and close the gap from concept to completion, ensuring timely deliverables.

Internal Team

Everyone working on your video campaigns is part of our internal creative team. We set a high bar, only allowing the most talented and experienced to join our team. We don’t outsource to freelancers or vendors to ensure we can maintain the highest standards and accumulate learning that increases your campaigns’ success rate.

Proven Frameworks

We worked on countless campaigns and developed different creative frameworks proven to work on all types of marketing and advertising videos. We use these frameworks to increase your videos’ chances to be effective right out of the gate.