With a full video creative team at your disposal, producing marketing and advertising videos to beat all your growth KPIs just got so much easier.

Partnership with the Packaging Industry

We produce promotional, educational, and expo videos that help our clients have a competitive edge in the packaging industry.

We help your in-house marketing and growth team elevate your video campaigns to a level that was previously out of reach for all but the biggest companies and agencies.

– minus the hard work and the costly investment.


Get a complete video creative team that’s always in-sync with your internal marketing and growth teams. We work with you so you get full video support for your strategic initiatives.


Don’t sacrifice long-term brand building and customer retention for short-term sales wins. Our team will help you plan your campaigns for both so you can grow now and into the future.


By testing multiple variations, we speed up the learning and iterate faster to increase campaign performance. We take the time to learn what performs best for your brand to accelerate future wins!

The Ideal Combination
to Accelerate Growth
& Maximize ROI

Imagine how your marketing will advance once you fuse your brand intelligence with our capabilities to produce highly effective marketing and advertising video creatives! With LiveShoot, you’ll unleash maximum creativity and collaboration, so you can reach an entirely new level of growth.

Leverage Different Types of

Video Campaigns

for a Common Goal

Direct Response Ads

Brand Advertising

Informational Videos

Distribution-ready marketing and advertising videos tailored to your audience across all social and digital platforms.

A Smarter Way to Produce your Marketing Videos

To enable a more collaborative environment, we designed our video production process to bridge the gap between offline production and online collaboration. As a result, you get complete transparency and creative control throughout the process – just as if you were working with an in-house video production team.

LiveShoot was referred to us by a trusted friend from the advertising industry. We were doing great with the social ads, but we needed more brand awareness, promos that highlight our values, mission, and achievements. LiveShoot did a fantastic job of producing videos doing precisely that. They are very talented creatively and have a lot of expertise in producing effective video advertising.