Bringing You the

Next Generation of Video Production,

Taking Creative Collaboration

to a Whole New Level.

Bringing You the

Next Generation of Video Production,

Taking Creative Collaboration

to a Whole New Level.







Collaborating with an external team to produce effective videos is easier said than done. The complex production process can make (or break) your video campaigns and save (or cost) you time and money. We’ve combined our real-world experience with the latest technology to simplify, streamline and automate the process to encourage uninterrupted collaboration, no matter where you are in the world.

Now, your in-house team can access the same capabilities and resources previously only available to the top agencies and large companies.


Creative Brief

Whether we start with a brand new video concept, develop an idea from our creative library, or refresh an existing video, it all begins with the brief. Our creative brief is the blueprint for each video, and helps us get a clear idea of your video’s objective, tone, style, and messaging.


Creative R&D

During the creative R&D stage, we gather creative ideas aligned with the primary strategy. We review frameworks and styles, study trends in your industry, and combine all the research with your brand identity and past successes. Then we develop the best creative suggestions to maximize your campaign’s impact and effectiveness.



In the pre-production stage, all the foundational elements for the video come together, including the final script, casting, set selection, the shot-list, and the storyboard. Our purpose-built platform makes this selection and approval process intuitive and effortless.



On filming day, our platform livestreams the process, putting you on set from the comfort of your home or office. You can provide immediate feedback and approvals while our crew is filming.



During post-production, we edit the footage and add screen copy, motion graphics, 3D elements, voiceovers, music, and other necessary elements to finalize the video campaign. We produce all the different concepts and variations. In some cases, we can jump directly to post-production if we’re reiterating or working with existing video assets.


Revisions & Delivery

Once the deliverables are ready for review, you can provide feedback and leave notes on specific sections that need revising. After we address all revision notes, the final video deliverables are ready for distribution.


Test & Reiterate

After your video creatives are launched, we keep a close eye on the initial test metrics to see how we can iterate to make them even more effective in future.

We developed a new method to beat your short-term and long-term growth KPIs. See how we can customize a video campaign schedule that’s specific to your needs and growth goals.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can you help with the ideas and strategy?

We’re here to help you execute on your marketing campaign and concepts. That said, we have a wealth of experience in video marketing – so we’re always happy to offer ideas about what you should try next.

Can you do one-off videos?

Yes! While most of our clients have ongoing video needs, you’re welcome to book a one-off project with us.

Can you work with my existing video footage?

Yes! You’re welcome to send us your video assets (as long as you have usage rights) to create something new.

Can I collaborate in-person or on-location?

Our process is designed for remote/virtual client collaboration via our platform. But if you’re in the area and you’d like to have coffee with your creative producer, just let us know! ☕

Do you limit the number of revisions and edits?

We’ll keep working with your video until you’re 100% happy with it. Usually that involves 1-2 rounds of revisions to get everything just right. If you need more than two revisions, an extra fee will apply.

How long are your videos?

Our videos range from 10 seconds to 30 minutes or longer. It all depends on the type of marketing video you need.

What’s the usual turnaround time?

For on-demand or one-off videos, you can expect your final deliverables 3-4 weeks after the initial brief. For our partners who work with us every month, turnaround is often faster because we’re familiar with their brand. But this varies depending on the length and complexity of the video, as well as the number of variations.

Do we get the video assets, or just the final deliverable?

You always have access to the final deliverables for current and past projects. However, if you need the video assets, your dedicated creative producer will send them to you.