A Holistic Approach

to Growing Your Brand

LiveShoot is your marketing multivitamin for healthy brand growth. With the right dose on a regular basis, you can produce marketing and advertising videos that deliver healthy sales, strong brand awareness, and long customer-life.



It’s a Marathon, 

Not a Sprint.


It’s a Marathon, 

Not a Sprint.

Long-term scheduling allows us to develop a strategic plan with different video campaigns to simultaneously beat your short-term monthly sales goals, improve customer retention, and grow brand awareness over time. It helps us avoid inefficient stop-start marketing and builds momentum to get high creative output, continuous testing and learning, and constant reiteration to maximize your ROI. 


Together, we develop a unique plan with the right mix that matches your internal marketing cadence, priorities, and growth goals. LiveShoot extends your in-house marketing with video production resources that support your efforts on all fronts – but especially where it’s needed most.

Type of Video Campaigns We Produce 

To Accelerate Your Brand Growth



Social Ads

We produce social ads tailored creatively and technically for the placements and platforms that your customers use. To maximize the ad performance, we work together to understand which video styles, creative frameworks, and copy is the most effective. We continuously track the engagement metrics to know how we can adjust and reiterate to improve your CPA/ROAS. Besides reiterating, we regularly introduce new creatives to test new target audiences and to avoid creative fatigue. Every new campaign includes different concepts and multiple variations for each concept. This helps expedite the testing/learning phase and helps scale the ad spent on the winning videos.


Having decades of experience producing infomercials for some of the top brands, we understand the framework of effective infomercials that can deliver powerful results and reach across different markets. We produce broadcast quality short-form and long-form infomercials suitable for Linear TV, Connected TV (CTV), and Over-the-Top (OTT).



Brand Ads, Promos

Often companies neglect brand videos because they don’t see an immediate ROI. Perhaps your product features and benefits are enough to sell, but your brand is way more than that. If you want strong brand awareness, a deeper connection with your customers, and to stand apart from the competition, you need to better define and expose your brand mission, value, style, tone, and messaging. We have the creative freedom to make your brand videos funny, emotional, inspiring, and artistic, capturing the audience’s attention, connecting with them emotionally, and creating broader brand recognition. We measure and optimize your brand videos’ performance by tracking impressions, engagement, reach, and frequency. While brand videos can play well on social platforms, this is an excellent opportunity to broaden the exposure and use underutilized channels such as CTV, OTT, and Linear TV.




How-Tos, Explainers & Interviews

When consumers are comparing your product or service with the competition, good quality, informative videos can help them make their buying decision faster and in your favor. Unlike advertisements, people opt-in to watch your informational videos they know they aren’t being sold to, so their guards are down. They offer an organic way for new customers to discover your brand and move more rapidly through the awareness, consideration, and decision stages of the buying cycle. Informative videos help increase your customer retention rates and make buyers more responsive to upsells. We’ll work with you to develop videos that are valuable, useful, engaging. Plus, the perfect fit for your brand’s value and mission, whether you need video tutorials, how-to videos, explainers, unboxing, or testimonials.

Liveshoot has been our creative partner since the day Muniq launched. They have produced for Muniq everything from Facebook and Instagram ads to How-to videos. They seem like part of our team because they are regularly involved in our marketing and creative meetings and bring their video marketing expertise to help us with our marketing and growth goals.